mercredi 1 avril 2009

Tobias Burg, Zeichnung als Prozess = Drawing as process

Tobias Burg
als Prozess = Drawing as process
Catalogue de l'exposition

"Zeichnen als Prozess, aktuelle Positionen der Grafik"
. Juni bis 31. August 2008

Museum Folkwang, Essen

Heidelberg, Kehrer, 2008

Textes en allemand et en anglais

ISBN : 978-3-86828-025-8

The medium of drawing is currently enjoying a resurgence both in Germany and abroad. There are an enormous variety of approaches, and yet the work of the many different artists has something in common: an emphasis on process. Taking the Conceptual Art of the 1960s as starting point, this artistic attitude is not focused on the finished work alone, but also on the process by which it is created, which also carries meaning.This publication brings together for the first time the prime exponents of the new emphasis on drawing as process. By comparing the artworks, their differences can be discerned as well as the qualities that they share. Presented are, among others, Linda Karshan (*1947), Roni Horn (*1955), Frank Gerritz (*1964), Katharina Hinsberg (*1967), Jorinde Voigt (*1977).

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