vendredi 26 juin 2009

Michael Schwab

Michael Schwab
Exhibit 1 and Open Studios

at The Old Police Station, London
Exhibit 1
Open: 3, 4, 5, 11, 12 July, 12noon - 6pm
Private View: 3 July, 6pm - 8pm
Afterparty: 3 July 9pm - 11pm
Open Studios
Open 3, 4 July, 12noon - 6pm
The Old Police Station
114 Amersham Vale
London SE14 6LG

"It is not that I have given up measuring things - it is only that some of the new work doesn't require measurement. The work has a lot to do with a free form of drawing - and colour! If you know my work, colour is a rare occasion. Personally, I am quite surprised how conceptual the work stays despite the colour. Maybe I have been afraid for the wrong reasons or have just not been able to cope with colour in the past.
The new series, from which the above image is an example, uses spray paint behind Perspex frames. I am going to have a couple of those in the studio, a painting and some laser drawings apart from the general stuff that is around. For Exhibit 1 I will actually construct a sculpture in the yard - about 4m in height. Originally planned as measurement piece, for some reasons I couldn't stick to the rules. I am looking forward to it, though.
The Old Police Station is well worth a visit. Anthony Gross from Temporary Contemporary has done an amazing job of setting up this new space from scratch creating a certain buzz. There's a lot happening these few days, I am attaching the flyer and hope to see you there!"
See my website at for more information on my work.

Figure (ORTA), 2009
"This photograph itself is the final work. On the image is an installation that was created and dissembled as part of the 'Office of Real Time Activities' during the show 'Friends of the Divided Mind' organised by the Curating Contemporary Art students at the Royal College of Art. A 'Distance Circle' is cut out from wood and mounted on a tripod, the ring around it is suspended by long, green cords. The drawing in the background shows the design of the circle. Once the installation was removed, the only thing that remained was this photograph stuck on the wall."

Catford, 2007
"For this body of work, a computer model of a tree was created from photographs, and a crystal-like figure was traced between the points of the tree's pollarded branches. The figure was then constructed three-dimensionally using rapid prototypeing."

figure, 2008
"For figure the staircase of the Tramdepot Gallery was transformed and reconstructed in the main gallery space using elastics and fishing line. The four pictures show images of a different transformation to the space that were displayed outside the gallery and visible to the visitors as they stepped out of the staircase and onto the landing. The title was displayed in large letters at the bottom of the staircase, while diagrammatic images of the transformations that led to the installation were displayed just outside the main gallery space."

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