mercredi 29 avril 2009

Sensuous Knowledge 6

Sensuous Knowledge 6
An International Working Conference
on Fundamental Problems of Artistic Research
Solstrand, Norway 23 – 25 September 2009
Reflection, Relevance, Responsibility
Call for presentations
We would like to invite practitioners from all art disciplines, including design and the performing arts, to submit proposals for presentations at the sixth Sensuous Knowledge Conference.
Under the heading “Reflection, Relevance, Responsibility” this year’s conference will focus upon three important aspects of artistic research. Often critical reflection is put forward as one of the differences between artistic practice and artistic research, and promoted as an alternative to the scientific conventions of thinking and writing. However, very little investigation has been done by us on the notion of reflection – what is it expected to contain and convey? With the rapid and unforeseen global changes to our existence, surely we have to look up from our own, potentially narcissistic reflection where we only see ourselves mirrored [...]
Please send us one A4 page (two maximum) describing
1) the theme or research question of your proposal and the main points of the presentation,
2) the issues that the presentation intends to raise in the discussion,
3) the character of the presentation, especially what kind of visual or acoustic material you may want to present,
4) your professional practice background in relation to your proposal.
Please note that 30 minutes will be the maximum available time for each
Proposals should be sent before 13 May to
You will be informed whether your proposal has been accepted by 1 June.
See reports from the earlier conferences at

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