samedi 11 avril 2009

The Centre for Drawing

The Centre for Drawing
University of the Arts London

Launched in February 2008, The Centre for Drawing UAL is a Research Centre of the University of the Arts London (UAL) and embraces drawing in all subjects and disciplines associated to the disciplinary expertise of the UAL and beyond. The Centre for Drawing UAL is hosted at Wimbledon College of Art where the Centre for Drawing, the first of its kind in the UK, was established in 2000.
The Centre has a primary focus on three distinct areas of investigation :

  • Drawing and Literacy
  • Drawing and Creativity
  • Curriculum Development.
It aims to provide a focus for research into the investigative and generative languages of drawing; the material procedures of drawing as a tool for the realisation of ideas; and the critical and conceptual apparatus of drawing.

Projects organised by the Centre :

  • address contemporary drawing in the context of its disciplinary diversity
  • operate and foster practice-led, pedagogic and theoretical research and enquiry into the subject
  • bring together hitherto fragmented areas of drawing research through collaboration and actively disseminate through exhibitions, publications, conferences, colloquia, and the establishment of an archive collection (digital, slide, film, video, actual).

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