mardi 19 octobre 2010

Chris Jennings – Scrutiny and Immanence

Chris Jennings – Scrutiny and Immanence

“[…] looking at the paradoxical representation of presence and invisibility (immanence) […] the decision making process which has determined the choice of particular materials that have the capacity to embody, or make explicit and tactile those concepts, to develop an articulate visual language […] ”

Eight Exercises on the Notebooks of Wittgenstein
“Reflections upon extracts from Wittgenstein’s notebooks. An inquiry into the possibilities of the projected, ‘working drawing’ and its relationship to text.”

Nine Representations of a Form
“A work evolving from the physical stresses experienced in the transcription of a music score (notation) into the manufacture of sequential sound (music). How could this be rendered in terms of form, line and colour (painting)? Once again the concept and function of the diagrammatic is central to the work.”

Parting from St. John (from the Last Days of the Virgin); after Duccio
“For many, many years I have been intently studying the paintings of Duccio. I am extremely interested in his use of a shallow space and the structural role of episode and gesture in the narrative.”

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