mardi 26 avril 2011


Program for Arts-based Research
Call for funding applications
The FWF Austrian Science Fund issued the third call of the Programme for Arts-based Research PEEK (Programm zur Entwicklung und Erschliessung der Künste). The goal of the programme is to support arts-based research via project funding.
Deadline for applications: 25 May 2011
Program for Arts-based Research (PEEK)
Initiatve of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF)

Target group
Any person engaged in arts-based research who has the necessary qualifications
- Support high quality and innovative arts-based research in which artistic practice is integral to the inquiry.
- Increase research capacity, quality and international standing of arts-based researcher in Austria.
- Increase both public awareness and awareness within the academic and the arts communities of arts-based research and its potential applications.
- Artistic/academic quality and standing
- sufficient free capacity
- required infrastructure (Connection to an appropriate university or non-university institution in Austria, so that the necessary documentation, support and quality of the results are ensured)

to a maximum of 36 months

call open until 25 May 2011 (date of postmark)
Your application should be in English and provide a precise description of goals and methodology (max. 36 months)
Contact : Alexander Damianisch (alexander.damianisch [at]
Info on projects funded in 2010:

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