mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Michael Schwab, 'Unexpected Variations'

Michael Schwab, Self-experiment No. 63-1, 2010

'Unexpected Variations',
Orpheus Research Centre in Music (ORCiM), Research Festival, 2010.

15 - 17 September 2010, Ghent.

“Having been a research fellow during the year 2009/10, I have (co-)created a number of works that will be presented during the research festival. The festival has offered the opportunity to develop similar dynamic drawing concepts in different contexts creating a web of references - or variations -, each offering quite distinct reflections on my practice. This is particular the case since working with musicians has greatly enriched my understanding of artistic research.
For the evening concert on Wednesday at the Handelsbeurs, I will contribute two video backdrops around 'variations' and 'light'.
On Thursday at the Orpheus Institute, you can see a special performance version of 'Rebody,' a work created by Gerhard Eckel, David Pirro and I, based on motion-tracking data of a dancer. The performance will be accompanied by a lecture. Later that day, I will provide the video for the premiere of 'KVSwalk,' a composition by Juan Para for four (networked) instruments. David Pirro and Michael Klein collaborated with me on the programming of the responsive software.
During both Thurday and Friday 'Rebody' can also be seen as an extanded installation version offering a more in depth experience of the interplay of different samples and parameter settings. I will also show a series of small scale images that are all based on data collected during 'Wissen im Selbstversuch', a research project at Berne University of the Arts.”
Michael Schwab

Link to the Rebody piece Michael Schwab did together with Gerhard Eckel that was shown in Ghent:

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