mercredi 5 mai 2010

A new wall drawing by Greig Burgoyne

"Back to the Future"
A new wall drawing by Greig Burgoyne

A new large-scale wall drawing by Greg Burgoyne is being unveiled on Friday 26th March 2010 at the Hastings Museum Art Gallery. This private view marks the start of a forthcoming exhibition that takes place from March to June. Entitled ‘Back to the Future, this wall drawing investigates the nature of the found, displaced and the significance of the archive.

From: 26th March – 6th June 2010 Hastings Museum Art Gallery, Johns Place, Bohemia Road, Hastings TN34 1ET

Stuck Iside Looking Out, 594 x 420mm, ink on paper, 2009.

Greig Burgoyne will transform the exhibition gallery at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery with a large-scale wall drawing that literally stares back at the viewer. Based on objects gleaned from coastlines and urban centres around the world, Greig Burgoyne’s resulting drawing transforms these found fragments into beguiling and at times stark revelations, where perceptions become cracks in an otherwise carefully constructed world of facades and denials that turn the space back on the viewer resonating both anticipation and suspicion
Greig Burgoyne, Charm Offensive, Michael West Galleries Quay Arts UK, 2008.
Perpheries, 594 x 420mm, ink on paper, 2009.

Greig Burgoyne makes site specific wall drawings. He studied MA Painting at the Royal College of Art and the HAK, Vienna. Recent (08-09) Solo projects include: ‘The Future of Nostalgia’ Jerwood Space, London, ’50 drawings to murder magic’ Centre for Recent Drawing London09 , ‘Dilemmas of the upper world’ Vault Gallery Lancaster UK and ‘Charm Offensive’ Quay Arts IOW UK and the Russian State Museum. His work is in private and public collections including Bank of Montreal, Canada, TI Group UK, DAAD Bonn Germany, The Russian State Museum, Stadt Mainz Germany, Swiss Bank Corporation and Agentur 42 Germany. His work has appears in the current contemporary art journals – Rubric The grid issue and 20x 20 magazine ‘Harmonia Mundi’ theme.

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