samedi 20 février 2010


“TRACEY is an electronic open access journal dedicated to the presentation of drawing and discussion of drawing practice and contemporary issues, stimulating, open-minded and contemporary interested in the nature of drawing activity, physically, cognitively, creatively, a place where people can engage in discussion and debate, a place to publish and exchange ideas, a virtual gallery.
TRACEY introduce a diverse range of material to a fast growing audience of practitioners, educators, students and researchers, represent many perspectives on drawing including fine art, architectural design, graphics, product design and visualization, question preconceptions and embrace new notions, see drawing as a fundamental thinking tool, advocate the value of drawing in professional and educational contexts, periodically focus on topics of central concern, provide a focus and forum for all aspects of drawing research, cross the boundaries of art, design, science, technology, education and life, encourage participation and collaboration.
Research themes:
syntax of mark and gesture ; mapping and memory ; is drawing a language? ; education ; thinking ; process ; fragmentation ; sketchbooks (about) ; representation ; drawing & technology ; drawing across boundaries ; communication ; narrative ; performance ; what is drawing for?”

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