samedi 20 février 2010

Drawing Research Network Annual Conference

Drawing Research Network Annual Conference “Observation, Mapping, Dialogue”
September 14th 2010
University of Brighton
Confirmed Keynote: Professor Deanna Petherbridge
The underlying theme for this year’s DRN conference is the variety of ways in which drawing can generate new knowledge and understanding. How can we ensure that drawing research is recognised as rigorous? How does it differ from other tools of enquiry? Who uses it and why?
The format of the conference has been designed to provide maximum opportunities for our research community to share ideas and work in progress. The programme will include plenary keynotes, a display of peer-reviewed posters and workshop sessions with contributions from a variety of disciplines to open up discussion of the sub-themes identified in the conference title:
- Observation. What is particular about discovery through observational drawing?
- Mapping. How does drawing support the generation of conceptual relationships and new understanding – for instance, through diagrams, mind mapping and other forms of visualisation?
- Dialogue. What is the role of drawing in enabling and documenting communication and dialogue?

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