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A Companion to Contemporary Drawing

 A Companion to Contemporary Drawing

Kelly Chorpening (Editor)Rebecca Fortnum (Editor)Dana Arnold (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-19454-5 November 2020 

Wiley-Blackwell 576 Pages

A Companion to Contemporary Drawing explores how 20th and 21st century artists have used drawing to understand and comment on the world. Presenting contributions by both theorists and practitioners, this unique textbook considers the place, space, and history of drawing and explores shifts in attitudes towards its practice over the years. Twenty-seven essays discuss how drawing emerges from the mind of the artist to question and reflect upon what they see, feel, and experience.

This book discusses key themes in contemporary drawing practice, addresses the working conditions and context of artists, and considers a wide range of personal, social, and political considerations that influence artistic choices. Topics include the politics of eroticism in South American drawing, anti-capitalist drawing from Eastern Europe, drawing and conceptual art, feminist drawing, and exhibitions that have put drawing practices at the centre of contemporary art.


Notes on contributors


Kelly Chorpening and Rebecca Fortnum

The Power of Drawing

1. The Black Index, Bridget R. Cooks

2. A State of Alert: The Politics of Eroticism in South American Drawing, Sofia Gotti

3. Graphic Witness, Kate MacFarlane

4. Drawn from Communism: Anti-Capitalist Drawing from Central-Eastern Europe, Magdalena Radomska

5. Differencing Drawing: Feminist Perspectives on Line, Surface and Space, Griselda Pollock

6. A Dirty Double Mirror: Drawing, Autobiography and Feminism, Rebecca Fortnum

7. Between the Sky and the Handle: Shilpa Gupta’s Drawings in the Contemporary, Parul Dave Mukherji

8. Drawing as Contagion, Jade Montserrat

9. Curating Drawing: Exhibitions and the Centering of Drawing In Contemporary Art, João Ribas

The Condition of Drawing

10. Observation and Drawing: From Looking to Seeing, Paul Moorhouse

11. Drawing’s Impropriety, Lucian Massaert

12. Drawing in Atopia; an exploration of ‘drift’ as method, Beth Harland

13. Works on/and/with Paper: Approaching Drawing as Responsive Marking, Marina Kassianidou

14. Indexical Drawing: On Frottage, Margaret Iversen

15. Ground as Critical Limit, Laura Lisbon

16. Drawing’s Finish, Stephanie Straine

17. Radical Antinomies: Drawing and Conceptual Art, Anna Lovatt

18. Drawing Desires, Sunil Manghani

19. Drawing from life in the 21st century art school, Kelly Chorpening

The Expanse of Drawing

20. Marking Time, Moving Images: Drawing and Film, Ed Krčma

21. Digital Drawing, Tamarin Norwood

22. The dot and the line: Drawing Amongst Computers, Jane de Almeida

23. Installation/Drawing: spaces of drawing between art and architecture, Sophia Banou

24. Informational Drawing, Matthew Ritchie

25. Drawing Towards Sound – Notation, Diagram, Drawing, David Ryan

26. Chinese calligraphy: a drawing ecology, Eric Otto Wear

27. The Enduring Power of Comic Strips, Simon Grennan


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