lundi 6 février 2012

Drawn Out: 2012 29th March 2012 – 30th March 2012

DRAWING OUT 2012: The Drawn Out Network
The Centre for Drawing
Drawn Out: 2012 29th March 2012 – 30th March 2012

“Thursday 29th March 2012 : Chelsea College of Art and Design, 45 Millbank, London
Friday 30th March 2012 : Wimbledon College of Art, Merton Hall Road, London
The premise that now drives The Drawn Out Network and Conferences was seeded during the first cross disciplinary UAL / RMIT drawing meeting held in Melbourne during March 2010. That meeting resulted in us wanting to better understand, in the first instant, drawings’ relationship with writing and notation; knowledge, then through that knowledge hopefully better understanding drawings’ position as an active component of general literacy.
With drawing established in the minds of the organizers as the tangible bridge between textural and non textural communication our collaboration resolved to develop a network of interested parties.
Working with the assumption that drawing is not simply a way of thinking and communicating but an integral part of our everyday and professional lives DRAWING OUT: 2012 will address, how drawing functions as a part of literacy through three themes;
1. Drawing and Notation. Drawing as a sometimes intuitive other times driven by convention means of mapping appearance and movement. With special reference to innovative methods of notation.
2. Drawing as Writing Drawing after, before and as a part of writing. An exploration of literacy and communication.
3. Drawing: recording and discovery. Drawing as a speculative activity and means of holding and transferring information.”

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