lundi 9 novembre 2009

The Art of Research

The Art of Research
Processes, Results and Contributions
Helsinki, Finland, 24-25 November
Over the last two decades, a lively discussion has developed about the relation between art and research. The roles of the professional artist and the professional researcher have in many ways come closer to another and often merged in fruitful ways. This new institutional connection between research and art/design has promoted much discussion concerning the dialogue between theory and practice, or ‘reflecting’ and ‘making’, the emphasis often being on the question of how they might be combined in a productive way.
The aim of the Art and Research conference is to continue and update the discussions concerning the relationship between art and design practices and research, in terms of both content and modes of presentation. Since 2005, The Art of Research has been organized annually, altering between University of Art and Design Helsinki and Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

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